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October 11, 2007
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Just Married by Draconiger Just Married by Draconiger
They’d married!! OMG that’s so funny, isn’t it? This is an impossible -REALLY impossible- fact but… ok, I had lot of fun doing it.

I was seeing the TV and a girl called Holly has a so beautiful dress on her birthday party! So I said “How could look Harry on that dress?” and instantly I thought “Married!” and I laugh for half an hour -stupid xD- Anyway I draw him with Sev (and the dress, of course), and that completed my joke of the evening.

And drawing it I thought some things xD
The face of Dumbledore which both, Sev and Harry, in front of him, said “Er… we’re gonna be married” :nosebleed:
After cutting his veins with a knife, I thought Ron will finally die seeing his best friend dressed as a woman xD
Hermione crying, saying “Oh… they form a so perfect couple…” (Although it’s not true… well, for anybody at the church I mean xD )
The face of the priest looking at the “dress” of Harry.
Obviously for to get married Harry and Sev couldn’t be Catholics, so the priest will be…. Remus Lupin xD
Obviously (again), Fred and/or George will push up the dress of Harry (even though he’s a man… Er, well… ) showing his best gifts to the public.
The wedding will be transmitted for TV (well… although magicians don’t have TV, they’ll bought one )
Rita Skeeter promoting his new book “Harry Potter: the gay who lived” with specials interviews to Draco Malfoy.
McGonagall, Filch, Sprout and Dumbledore grabbing Sirius (whose final objective is to kill that old worm… I mean, Snape )
OMG this is the gayest (I invited a word xD) Harry that I ever draw, giuuuu! (I prefer him as a naughty BOY )
Severus looks like he’s thinking “C’mon, hurry up!… I can’t wait to the honeymoon to take him that dress off”
Although all… Severus looks so sweet for me (Is like he loves the boy! … Well, I mean, “like he wants to everybody knows he loves the boy” )
I love this Severus *¬*
Harry looks like a big porcelain doll ^_^U
I’d preferred both of them wearing men clothes in their wedding… but this is funnier xD
And I think Sev and Harry will prefer to have a secret wedding ^_^ Or not to have one (at least, Severus xD )

This work is in honor of the meet, after months, of Harry -me- and Sev -ladyofthecloset- in our role-plays. I love both of u!!! (Sev and her! I’m not sending kisses to myself ¬¬ )
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bananaba Nov 2, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
oh! Hahaha;P
Harry look so cute here;P
Oooh, qué adorables!
Vampiressartist Oct 14, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
AHAHAHHAHAAAAAA!!!!!! Even though I'm not a fan of Snape/Harry (I'm a hardcore Snape/Lily fan), I couldn't resist laughing! At first, I thought Harry was a girl, and I was like, "Who's that?" AAHAHAHAHAAAAA, I think he looks pretty in that dress!
Thank u!! Me too!! I think Harry looks like a big porcelain doll ^^ (oh, I already said that xD)

gayest is not a new word.............
but i can help remus xDDDDDDD
REALLY nice!!!!
Oh, u have to say it?? ¬¬ Okay, I didn't know "gayest"....

Still love u!!! xD
Tha's soo cute! Harry doesn't seem to mind...haha..neither does Severus! Great pic!
Thank u!! I think they're cute ^^
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